OpenJPEG 1.3 released

21 December 2007

OpenJPEG version 1.3 has been released ! Here are the main characteristics of this new release:

  • Optimizations: Many optimizations have been implemented, leading to a significant decrease in the memory usage for large images and speed increase. The T1 and DWT are the main modules that have been optimized.
  • Indexing: The creation of indexes is now possible at encoding and decoding. An index provides useful information on the JPEG 2000 codestream like the progression order, number of layers and resolutions, the position and distorsion of each packets, …
  • OPJViewer: The viewer has evolved a lot since version 1.2 ! It is now available on WIN32 and Linux32 and Linux64.
  • File formats: More uncompressed formats are handled. The RAW and TGA formats are added to the already available ones: TIF, BMP, PNM, PGM, PPM and PGX.

The library interface is basically the same as in version 1.2, with new features added.